Shout out for the SinMix and Michael Britt free profiles!

I tried out the free packs from SinMix and Michael Britt today, holy sh*t!
The SinMix is a giant pack of 44 different metal amps. There’s so many profiles that you could do more than fine with just this pack alone. I especially liked the VHT Deliverance and Laboga Mr Hector profiles. Killer metal tones!
The MBritt pack has about a dozen profiles and holy hell the Cal Texas / Suhr profiles are just amazing! They sound incredible with humbuckers and single coils. SO responsive to my playing and picking sensitivity. His stellar reputation is clearly very well deserved!
If you haven’t tried them, check them out, they are excellent!

Free Profiles of an all original 1967 Super Reverb and a Vox Ac30 60th anniversary!!

Hey Dudes,
Here are my my favorite profiles from a couple packs we made. The 1967 Super Reverb is all original and “VB2” is my favorite clean at the moment, its of the vibrato channel with the bright switch on. My favorite of the AC30 ones is labeled “HW 2” because those are the setting I’ve been using on my 90s era 6 input Vox AC30.

Lonestar Special direct profiles uploaded to Rig Exchange

Posted about 20 direct profiles of a Lonestar Special head to the Rig Excahnge yesterday. Search for Watt McCo as author.
I captured them via the main speaker out into a Behringer Ultra-DI 1600P going thru to an open back 1×12 cab and going XLR out directly into the Kemper.
Would love to get feedback from anyone that tries them out. Unfortunately I only had the amp for two days so didn’t quite get everything dialed in to perfection, but they seem quite useable nonetheless to me.

U2 One – Rigs

Hi everybody,
I try to find the effects for playing One of U2.
Do you know if there are rigs on Kemper and if so, how can I get it ?

neural dsp fortin plugins

thanks for these heinrich house please make more did u use the the gate on them

Free Mesa Lonestar Profiles from Tone Junkie

Here you go guys, wanted to share these with you…

Catalinbread RAH running through Dirty Shirley

Here is a freebie of a Catalinbread RAH pedal running though a Dirty Shirley 40 miced up with an m160 through greenbacks. Hope you all enjoy it!

10 Amazing Free Profiles from Mattfig

Featuring 10 FREE studio profiles of BE100 2.0, Sheeva, Lil’ Buddy, Dime Pack, CC30, Deth Pack and MORE!!!!!
All I ask is, if you dig, please support me at

Is there a good Tony Iommi pack out there?

Specifically looking for his Volume 4 / Sabotage tone, but anything from the OG albums would be good.
Given Sabbath’s popularity I’d be surprised if nothing exists. But I couldn’t find much by doing searches.

Any profiles of the Marshall Astoria custom

free or paid doesn’t matter

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