Famous Artist Mega Pack free samples

Here are some freebies from my Artist mega pack. these are all created from Amp to Mic to Daw then EQ matched with Ozone. They sound nearly identical to the original recordings, even fooling myself many times in A/B comparison tests. Recommended use is for Recording applications.Drop them in your mix for the almost exact ‘Recorded’ tones’ of famous artists tones. The following profiles are in this Free pack. Enjoy :thumbsup:

Green Day- American Idiot

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

Lamb of God- Descending

Dream Theatre- Wither

Metallica – Enter Sandman

Foo Fighters- Best of You

dropbox.com/s/5cpkz1t92ozuwog/Artist mega pack FREE samples V1.rar?dl=0

Professional Kemper Profiles and Guitar Reamping.

My 2 free BE-100 Profiles


My friend has a new BE-100 and we did a test to see how good the profiles we could do quickly. This is just 1 HBE and 1 Clean profile but I think they sounds pretty great. This was just a good test to experiment, we plan to do a little more detailed ones here and there in the next week.

Check them out and let me know your thoughts overall. Remember was a quick test.

JW BE-100 Clean
in the Rig Manager


Professional Kemper Profiles and Guitar Reamping.