Dream Theater – Distance Over Time Lead


I was listening the next DT album, and in particular one awesome song called At wit’s end.

I dialed a rig and thought I could share here. Amp is from my 2c+ and cab is Thumas one. Very close with my gear.



U2 song profiles

Thank you. I will try them soon…

r.u.sirius – collected works

You’re all heroes of the community! Thanks again!

Brad Paisley / Brent Mason Rigs!!

Does anybody know where to find great country rigs such as Brad Paisley or Brent Mason?


Just uploaded for y’all… Matchless Avalon 30 & Bad Cat Black Cat 30 profiles…

Thanks. Will try them out.

Marshall JCM800 Lead Series 50W 4104 (combo 1984)

Thank you!

At The Gates Profile

What are you thinkin’ cuz I think it’s dope as it is? Active pups profile?

New profiles: Mezzabarba z35, Hiwatt DR103 & Matchless Clubman 35!

Quote from Sharry

own to much Rigs

profiles never too many

Free Profiles of 65 Amps, /13, Marshall, Vox, Morgan, and many more


Issues profiles request

Searching for a tone similar to what is heard in this video.

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