Loving the Morgan AC20 from the Rig Exchange!

Loving this profile!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPRzrup59k4&t

Jet Phaser – Can anyone help me nail this tone down?

I love the sound of the old jet phasers (think Isley Brothers – Who’s That Lady, TLC – Red Light Special, Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce without the wah wah). It’s relatively simple to find a good distorted lead sound, it’s really the phaser that I’m struggling with duplicating. None of those in the FX section are right, I am having troubling tweaking this one right. I’d appreciate any contributions to this minor quest!

Tone Junkie Profiles Free Pack (Suhr, Matchless, Morgan etc)

Hi all,
You can find the free sampler here tonejunkiestore.com/tone-junkie-free-sampler
The Official Tone Junkie Kemper Sampler Pack includes…
1) “HW Beauty 3′ – This profile captures the sound of the Suhr Bella amplifier on 5 in the 44 watt setting with a celestion V-type speaker. It sits in the middle of the dynamic range of this amp and cleans up beautifully with a light touch. This profile will challenge you Sunday morning guys who think vox is the only way to go. This is the quintessential edge of break up sound and maybe a touch more.
2)”HW DAG 15 1″ – This profile captures the sound of the Morgan DAG 15 amplifier with the power scaling on 10 making this amp produce the full 15 watts with a celestion blue. The volume was set to just under 4 on the dial. You can feel the amp reaching the end of the preamp’s headroom. This amp’s circuit is similar to a Vox AC15 Top boost circuit.
3)”HW Jouster 1″ – This profile captures the sound of the Kingsley Jouster Pedal which features 2 12ax7 tubes run into a Suhr Bella Amplifier set on 3. The Jouster is set to channel 1 with the gain control set to 10:30. The Jouster is a fire breather and this is it’s most polite setting. Get your Marshall full stack windmill guitar strum on!!!
4)”Sooze’s 30/15 Hi 1” – This profile captures the sound of the Matchless 30/15 which is a high powered version of the Matchless Lightning. The master is set wide open on the 30 watt setting and the volume and tone are set to 11 o’clock. This is maybe our favorite profile! It’s has that beautiful rich refined Matchless tone. This profile is touch sensitive and has become a favorite on Sunday mornings for many P&W players. Enjoy!
Some sound examples can be found in this promo video:

(Now a full set) Marshall 30th Anniversary head to Marshall greenback cab.

Working on the Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100 pack.
I was profiling channel 2C into Marshall greenback 4×12 and did a quick test that turned into a half hour jam.
Such a killer sound. Here is the profile for you to try it out yourself.dropbox.com/s/0xyvjaqjfi4dqa7/TMS_6100_BG_2C2.zip?dl=0
Due to the great response to the Marshall 6100 profile I shared yesterday,
here is a full set of sounds across the 3 channels of the amp to Greenback 4×12 cab.
I will be pulling this down when the full pack is released in a few days so grab it before it’s gone.dropbox.com/s/fqpd0bx4u23saz2/TMS_6100_Greenbacks.zip?dl=0kemper-amps.com/forum/index.ph…016ab52ae35c9b85f6516b5e6

Marshall 30th Anniversary head to Marshall greenback cab.

Working on the Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100 pack.
I was profiling channel 2C into Marshall greenback 4×12 and did a quick test that turned into a half hour jam.
Such a killer sound. Here is the profile for you to try it out yourself.dropbox.com/s/0xyvjaqjfi4dqa7/TMS_6100_BG_2C2.zip?dl=0kemper-amps.com/forum/index.ph…3395d018f80b5c27223de615d

Good free bass profiles ?

Hi all
I’m a guitar player, and I sometimes play bass to record my demos. I would like to find some good usable bass profiles in the rigs exchange, I just ask this here to save me time.
Every suggestion welcome !

Doomy Stoner Chainsaw Profile (Mesa Boogie Mark V)

Testing the internal kemper effects and here is the result, a doomy chainsaw stoner like profile from the Mesa Boogie Mark V. It’s not going to be pretty but for those wanting that dirty gnarl sound then this should be perfect for you.
Head: Mesa Boogie Mark V
Cab: Mesa Boogie 4×12
Mic: SM57 (Fredman)
Filename on Rig Exchange: RZ_DoomStoner_F01
The chain is a small moderate amount of fuzz then into the HM2 sort of effect and then sculpted to taste. Feel free to share any sort of recordings with it, i would be interested to hear your results.

Free post-metal/rock/ambient tones

Here profiles sound examples in the mix:

Using free rigs for commercial works

I am new here bought my Kemper just a few months ago and I started this week working in my new studio. I download the Rig Manager and I was really impressed from the variety of rigs I saw. I tested some of them ( i was searching for specific amps) and some stuff is really great. I kindly have to make some questions as new here
Let’s say that I use in a commercial personal work either as an artist or as a producer (reamping for other bands etc) a free profile made from any user I found in Rig Exchange. I suppose I am able to use it for my commercial purposes aren’t I?. I am a big tweaker btw (I also play keyboards and that’s the reason) but I have already found 2-3 profiles that do not need tweaking according to my taste. Can I use them freely?
Also in the rig manager there is a folder named rig packs. Those rigs are free to use in commercial works?
I really thank you in advance and I am really happy to be a part of Kemper community!!!!!!

Free profiles of modded 1973 Marshall JMP 1986 (aka – Super Bass)

Hello Folks,
I have some profiles of 50 Watt 1973 Marshall JMP 1986, which has been modded. I inherited the amp from my father, who was the original owner and a big Duane Allman fan. The Cabinet is a Marshall 1960B with Cerwin Vega ER123 speakers.
I am very sentimental over this amp, and I am having a blast gigging with my KPA and these profiles. I hope some of you will enjoy them too! dropbox.com/s/r5ukei7maewngv1/…-08-05 16-43-40.kipr?dl=0dropbox.com/s/4rat6cppm2h6a17/…-08-05 16-47-41.kipr?dl=0dropbox.com/s/5wqh40k07e2gqac/…-08-05 16-50-29.kipr?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/2o3pbmz4ewxwxxf/Plexi-B Cranked 2 – 2015-08-05 16-53-56.kipr?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tx4dno6foexh9q/Plexi-B Cranked 3 – 2015-08-05 16-54-18.kipr?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/jjv88abuzb5wbya/Plexi-B Lead 1 – 2015-08-05 16-38-54.kipr?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/z581zkyfg57xb0d/Plexi-B Lead 2 – 2015-08-05 16-36-54.kipr?dl=0And, two more for you:Lead 3 – https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz8v8x9scfuuni6/Plexi-B Lead 3 – 2015-08-06 12-32-42.kipr?dl=0​Lead 4 – https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqghxt80pjnnp0t/Plexi-B Lead 4 – 2015-08-06 12-36-55.kipr?dl=0​

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