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After the “grab and go” pack from Mbritt @lonestargtr and the tone junkie @Jonathanrsullivan (in conjunction with @joshmyersband) putting out performance packs is anyone else willing to share some of theirs… obviously not to share commercial rigs unless they have permission from the originator…
Could this be an addition to the rig exchange and having a section for full performance packs? Just an idea?

I’m searching for Fender BXR profile

I’m searching for this bass amp (BXR 100, 200).

LRS Free 2017 Friedman BE100 Profile, A Must Try

Hi All,
Have the latest version of the Friedman BE100 going through the paces and thought I would share a profile with you guys.
This is the BE channel with all settings at 4 and S switch on 3, all other option switches off.
This amp has a lot of options and just sounds great.
Mic used here is a E609 and the speaker is a Scumback M75 (similar to a Greenback.)
This profile responds great to raising/lowering the gain and adjusting the EQ.

Nick K – Dual Rectifier free profile

Here is a free profile for you guys “The Slammer”, from the “soon to be released” Dual Recto pack. Mesa Boogie Dual Recto, channel 2, Modern mode with Horizon Devices Precision Drive in front of it. Mesa Boogie OS Rectifier box with two sm57 microphones. First part is the default profile, second part is the profile with added mids, delay and reverb. Third part is lowered gain (around 5) for crunchier sounds and the last part is lowered gain with effects.
Hear it here:
Note about Precision Drive: I know some of the guys tried profiling with it, and had problems with gate on the pedal. I had problems too, had to turn the gate all the way off and still got the message from the Profiler “noise gate detected, noise gate in the chain should be avoided” etc. However, when i tested the profiles against reference amp the sound was spot on, like always – 95 to 98 percent the same… So i just ignored noise gate messages in the profiling process and it turned out to be awesome set of profiles. So the conclusion was that noise gate messages (in this case) were more of a recommendation, not a limitation.
Feel free to download and test the profile, would like to hear some feedback, as always, good or bad!

What do Death, Meshuggah, Prong and In Flames have in common ? …….

Profile of the amazing first gen UK made Marshall 8100.
This amp was used by Meshuggah, Death, Prong, In Flames etc,
TS808 to amp to Bllackstar Series One Oversized Vintage 30 cab.
SM57 to Aurora Audio GTQ mic pre.
Free for you guys.
I’d love to hear clips of this profile if anyone can do…6eae1fa41c0a895bedeaedbda

Free amazing Mastodon style Marshall 30th Anniversary profile

Doing a reamping job for a Mastodon style band.
Got a great sound using ts808 to Marshall 30th anniversary to Rectifier cab.
Heavy and saturated but with the clarity that only a good Marshall brings.
Free to…f312484e1d21c04a1782ddd6e

Thumas Merged 3.0 Profiles

I have done a bunch of profiles with new profiling method, as many of us know the merge function does not work in 3.0fw yet, so i downgraded to 2.8 and merged all files there, so these are ok.
All profiles is saved after with 3.0 version as kemper wanted before sharing profiles.
In this zip file there is 34 Merged profiles, some of them are good and some less good, to be honest this is more or less all merged files i have done
if you want them sorted and only wanna try what i think is best, i have uploaded those on rig exchange and suggest you try those instead,
All profiles is with my mesa boogie rectifier 2×12 with v30, except A,B,C of mk3 that is with my Elmwood 4×12 V30.
Heil pr-20 is used on all distorted profiles, the cleans is with a superlux pra 628 mk2.
On mesa profiles di was taken from slave out, except the files that end with a B, those were from a Behringer GI100 ULTRA-G,
other amps are all with GI100 ULTRA-G.
Amps included is..
Mesa Boogie Mark 3 Red Stripe
Engl Powerball V1
Soldano Hotrod 100+ with depth mod
Peavey rockmaster preamp slaved through mesa mk3 power amp.
Tsm mt57 (sm57copy)
Peavey Rage 158 and Bandit 112 using recto cab
Blended mics, mark 3 with recto cab.
Blended part 2 is two cabs 2 mics, part 3 is recto cab with 3 mics.
removed old non working links.
this link is all merged profiled above in one

Fortin Meshuggah Profiles wanted

Probably the most sought after metal amp in the last few months.
Anyone got one that’s profiled? Merged/Direct?

Mesa Boogie Mark V profiles

Hey guys, I just created a couple of clips using the Mark IIC+ and Mark IV channels of my Mark V.
Here’s a short sound clip of the profiles in a mix. The track is Spirit in Black by Slayer.
The profiles are called Mefa Noogie Boost A and B on the Rig Exchange.

FREE Marshall 100W 1972 JMP direct profile.

Marshall 100 W JMP direct profile.
Well, I would like your input, especially you guys that have the powered Kempers… this is a direct profile.
I EQ’d with greenback 4×12 cabinet so if you are using vintage 30s or other speakers, you’re on your own… Or, if you are adding a cabinet to it, you are on your own…
This, in my opinion, is more of a hard rock profile and definitely not a death metal type of tone…
Let me know what you think guys!
(Ps/// I forgot to move the volume in the amp section back to zero, I had to add 2 DB to compare sound with a bunch of other DI profiles I did with the same amplifier… )…6%20%2012-24-26.kipr?dl=0

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