Any suggestions for 8-strings and 7-strings rigs?

Thanks a lot man!!

[LRS] Myth Buster AC20 Deluxe Profiles Download

Can’t wait to give these a try

Been a while. Here’s a few for y’all. 15 total profiles of 7 different amps. Just a little sampler.

Hey guys, been a while. Hope you’re all doing well. Was bored the other day so my singer and I put a couple profiles together for fun. Hopefully they are better than my previous ones. I’d like to think I’ve gotten at least a little better at it. The amps we used were:
Blackstar Club 40
Egnater Renegade 60
Friedman Runt 50
Fender DRRI Tweed
Fender Blues Jr Tweed with BillM mods
Marshall Silver Jubilee 20w
Orange TH30

Most are pretty straightforward dirty profiles and I think there’s like 2 cleans. The Egnater Fuzz profile was profiled using a Wampler Velvet Fuzz. Hope you guys like them! They are on RE as well if you want to pick and choose which to try.

5 Direct Bogner Uberschall Profiles

I just finished uploading 5 more direct profiles from my Uberschall. These are probably the best I’ve ever done. The master was cranked wide open, the lead/dirty channel volume was set to match the clean volume.

Look in the Rig Exchange for BulldogXTRM and download all the Uber-Max profiles

Clean to Distortion on the gain. Settings at o’clock
Clean channel settings everything makes except Bass at 10:30, Gain 12:00

Distorted settings
Volume 11:00
Presence 12:30
Treble 2:30
Middle 2:30
Bass 2:30
Gain at 8:00, 9:00, 11:00, 3:00

New rig: a highly-modified Marshall Class 5. Will make your Plexi jealous….

My second profile posted:…load/c5yHTTWMuYQPoIEqTAiQ

I’m really pleased with this one. As saved, it’s right on the edge of breakup, such that you can play soft and clean or dig into it for throaty snarl. Tweaking the Gain up keeps it crunch; rolling it back brings out the midrangey OD. I loaded it with some useful FX: compressor, Tube Screamer, DS One, Phaser, and post-stack Rotary Speaker, Chorus, Delay, Reverb. All are off by default, except the compressor. It’s great with or w/o the compressor, which I was pleased with.

This is a highly-modified Marshall Class 5 combo – essentially all of the internet’d mods, plus a few more my guy came up with. Used here as a head, driving a 12″ greenback in a custom close-back cab. I just replaced the tubes: TungSol 12AX7’s for the pre and a JJ EL844 in the power section. The 844 is a 84 with 25% *less* headroom, so mo’ crunchitude earlier. There is no Master Volume on this amp, so I profiled with the Volume and tone stack dimed. (I tried lower settings, but ultimately I didn’t find them necessary.)

mic1: sm57:
preamp: UAD Neve 1073, Gain: -25db, EQ: out (none)
x: 3.5” from right side of speaker
y: center
z: 0.5” from grill

mic2: U87 clone, -10db pad
preamp: UAD Neve 1073 Gain: -20db, EQ: out (none)
x: 3.5” from left side of speaker
y: center
z: 0.5” from grill

Please check it out and lemme know what you think – and suggestions welcome!

— jdm

New rig: VOX AC15C1x (Celestion Alnico Blue)

Thank you, jdm.

You may have sacrificed some authenticity with the MV fully-cranked and the normal channel at 12 o’clock ’cause IIRC, with the channel’s level at noon or higher, you’d probably have to set the master at around 4/10 or less due to the Kemper’s difficulty in separating the two distortion behaviours over the full dynamic range. It’s mentioned in the manual.

That said, if it sounds good, it is good. Thanks again man.

Finally! Engl Savage 120 profile back on rig exchange. Do try it out.

Hey guys, just an update. Was doing some profiling and came up with a really good one of my Engl Savage 120 into an Orange 2×12 with V30s.

This is a good one, in my book, I compared it to some of the free profiles on the Rig Exchange, as well as some of the commercial ones I have and it’s really… close!

Do try it out, it’s called Indian Savage Rage and it’s on the Rig Exchange.

Am sure you’ll like it.

Really nice Slash type tone JCM 800 to Marshall cab

Thanks a lot

Single channel vs 2 channel JCM 800 with free profiles

Nice, thank you!

1980s Clean Deluxe

In another thread, someone was looking for a clean, compressed, sparkly, doubled, delayed and reverbed tone.

I just uploaded “1980s Clean Deluxe” onto The Rig Exchange.

I dialed back the gain on one of my vintage Deluxe Reverb profile,s so a vintage output strat can be turned up all the way, and still sparkle.

If you use the volume knob for chords and single lines, like I do, the original Gain setting was 3.8

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