Gary moore 80s tone on kemper?

Hey ,
Has there anybody a suggestion for a profile that sounds like gary moore in the 80s or tips ..
I reall like the tone with his charvel during his late 80s shows.
for example = (8:26)
Seems like a common 80s tone in those days?
I also like the lickbrary tone from GARY MOORE THE SOLOS .
Wonder what he used for his tone.

Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Profiles

I’ve profiled my Carol-Ann Tucana 3 amp head as follows and posted to the Rig Exchange and attached as zip files here. This is my first profiling attempt.Clean Channel (the real amp takes pedals extremely well, but I haven’t tested the Kemper profile with pedals yet)Clean Channel with King of Tone pedal (both channels cascading)Overdrive Channel BOverdrive Channel CHere are the settings (I never could get the images to show inline on the post):AmpSpeaker (in a 1×12 open back cab)King of ToneShure SM57 Beta mic

PRS Archon 100 Kemper Profiles

A true 100w beast of an amp. The PRS Archon 100 is a high gain no-nonsense amp that does one thing and one thing only and that’s pure tonal aggression.. With uniquely voiced mids , tons of saturation and a tightness that can only be matched with a tube screamer this pack is a work-in-progress but certainly packs a punch. Currently featuring 13 STUDIO only profiles our PRS Archon 100 Kemper Profiles pack is a sure MUST-BUY for any hard rocking metal head.

The clean channel is lovely, it does what you expect but the lead channel, WOW ! that’s where it’s at! If you’re looking for a modern killer tone then this is it! We profiled this beast with a Mesa Boogie 4×12 , SM57/MD421 combo plus included two boosts from Mike Fortin (Fortin 33 and Fortin Grind).

It’s simple, you play metal? get this pack… you want high gain? Get this pack! Updates are coming in January 2018 so enjoy this little early xmas gift from RZ!


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Free 6505 to recto cab profile

Profiled a killer Peavey 6505 to Recto cab today to save the sound for an album that a client is working on.
TS808 boost and 57 and vintage MD421 mics to Neve mic pres. Mix ready EQ on “X” button.
Free for you guys =]…92976a9a26d46053a1c24a942

ENGL Artist Edition

Hi Guys,
next round …
I’ve made some DI profiles of an Engl Artist Edition. Not really typical ENGL, this amp has some killer Rock sounds.
Settings infos are in the comment field.
What do you think?

Pearl Jam “Black” Intro GTR

Hi everyone.
Looking for that transistor treble sound as in Pearl Jam’s song “Black.” A little reverb distance. Been playing with it for days. I can be sorta of a perfectionist. What profile would you recommend for this.
Thank you and have a great CHRISTmas.

Free acoustic simulation pack – Fremen

I just released a free acoustic simulation pack available on my website, available here
There are a few acoustic simulation profiles for the Kemper on Rig Exchange, including one I made in 2013 that got good reviews. But I think no one did what I did for other processors : a collection of presets which will work for as many electric guitars and pickups as possible.Note that I’m not trying to simulate an actual acoustic guitar here – many people, including myself, have tried to do that but I honestly think it never works well enough – but an electro-acoustic one, or the piezo pickup of an electric guitar. I used my own Yamaha APX500 as a source for the reference sound.
The reason behind the multiple profiles (17) in this pack is that the final sound is highly dependent on the electric guitar you will use and its pickups. I have simulation for many guitars and pickups (Telecaster, Stratocaster, Ibanez with DiMarzio or EMG etc.). So if you want to use a Strat with the neck position, or an Ibanez with a DiMarzio humbucker on the bridge, I have specific presets for both. Of course, you may try other presets, but starting with the intended ones is the safest bet. Warning : if you use a preset made for a neck humbucker on a dark guitar with a Fender Strat on the “quack” position, the excess of treble may hurt your ears, or even your tweeters ! So, proceed with caution. Also, the compressor is necessary to prevent the profile from sounding distorted. Of course, you can tweak the profile to your taste, for your specific guitar. The “studio equalizer” can be useful for this, but often, the main EQ and amp definition parameter are enough.
Also included in this free pack, are a few profiles I made with my tube amps : EVH 5150 III LBX, Victory V130 The Countess (the 100 W version of the Guthrie Govan signature amp) and Mesa Boogie MKV:35. There’s also a few samples from my Kemper Big Pack, which is my big collection of Axe-Fx II profiles (made from the presets I sell for Axe users) ; this pack also has Helix, Atomic Amplifire profiles, and all my real amp profiles.
Note : although this pack is free, please don’t redistribute any of its content anywhere !

Does anyone have a Vox Super Beatle they can profile???

HI, Im new to the kemper family, I love my Kemper. I was just wondering if anyone had a Vox Super Beatle they could profile? Thanks!!!

The black Keys profiles?

Hello everyone. I went searching on the forum for the black Keys profiles but I noticed it was created in 2013 and nothing recent. Are there any recent updated profiles for Dan auerbach?

Friedman Butterslax profiles

Here are my Friedman Butterslax amp profiles attached.
This is Friedman’s newest amp, and it shows how he’s progressed as a builder. Channel One is the surprise standout, it goes from clean to mean with the guitar’s volume knob very impressively. Rotary effect in the MOD slot.
Watch out for the E.Q. in the X slot. I use it for different speakers I’m playing thru. Turn it on or off or adjust it’s mix for your playback system.
P.S. a few of these can be found in the Rig Exchange – search for “Scott Ritchie” or “Butterslax”

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