What If You Run a Boss Metal Zone into a Tweed Amp? Try it :)

Hi All,
Just for fun I ran a Boss MT-2 (boosted with an Savage Drive) into a Deluxe Tweed with Greenback and a single SM57.
Had this Metal Zone since they came out, around 30 years ago haha.
Well, give her a go and report back if you will

Kosten Packs. New Free Peavey 6505 profile

Diezel Herbert high gain profile in the description of the video on youtube:
Hi guys!
MarkBass Free Pack released:kostenprofiles.com/MarkBass
All my free profile packs are here now:kostenprofiles.com/free_profilles

Yeti 100 – Hot Rodded Plexi…

I’ve uploaded a profile of a Ceriatone YETI 100.
The profile were made using my trusty old Celestion G12T/75 speakers from 1984.
I profiled the amp in Plexi mode, both bright switches set to the left position.
Mic used was a Telefunken M80-SH off axis thru a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX (with the “Air” option set to “on”), and a SSL channel strip plugin.
Any feedback are welcome
Just search for YETI Plexi SSL in the Rig Exchange…

Mattfig Freebie Pack 2.0

New Freebie pack featuring profiles from: Vishnu, 5150iii, Bandmaster, JMPee, Acey30, Superclean, Evil Robot, and Diablo!
Get it now…dropbox.com/s/0d2crdgzzxhrgvg/…eebie%20Pack%202.zip?dl=0

Diezel Einstein 100 Kemper Profiles

My personal favourite Diezel amplifier – The Einstein 100. Two channels with three uniquely voiced modes ready to pump out a huge monstrous tone . Clear, crisp, tight and more it can do it all! Cleans , crunch and blistering high gain metal it’s a real killer of an amp and it has my personal seal of approval.

This pack currently features 21 DIRECT , 26 STUDIO and 2 MERGED profiles plus a boost from my custom MentaL OD pedal from all profiled with a single Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinet. The next update should be released before February including a wider range of boosts .

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Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R Merged Profiles

Hey all! I just got my Hot Cat 30R back from a tune-up and made two merged profiles. One is with the Bad Cat 1×12 speaker/cab and the other is my Warehouse WGS12L speaker/cab. I tested them out both in a FRFR speaker and with the actual guitar cabs using the profiles and they sound spot on. I only had time to do this mid-gain profile for now. There are tons of iterations the Hot Cat will do. Enjoy and feedback is welcome!
I zipped both profiles attached or download them directly below. I’ve also posted them to the Rig Exchange.Merged – Bad Cat CabinetMerged – Warehouse Cabinetkemper-amps.com/forum/index.ph…f427dec592ccbc8dcfd8e009f

New rig pack from Kemper & amp factory

here is the full list and some clips :
TAF – Blue Ton Cr 2 Bluetone
TAF – Bogus Supersonic 4 Bogner Überschall
TAF – Bud A. 18 Lead+ Budda Superdrive 18
TAF – Car S 6 BP+ Carr Slant 6V
TAF – D/13 Push Divided by 13 JJS 31
TAF – Diesel VH 4 Ch 3 Diezel VH 4
TAF – Engle 650 RB Ld 2 Engl E650 Ritchie Blackmore
TAF – Engle Eyeball Ld 2 Engl Ironball
TAF – Engle Eyeball Solo Engl Ironball
TAF – Fan Band Mr. Cl 2 Fender Bandmaster 1964
TAF – Fan Band Mr. TS+ Fender Bandmaster 1964
TAF – Fan BM TS+ Fender Bassman 1959
TAF – Fan Cert Muff+ Fender Concert 1963
TAF – Fan EC Trem Crank Fender Eric Clapton Tremolux
TAF – Fan EC Trem WL+ Fender Eric Clapton Tremolux
TAF – Fan Pro C1 Crank 2 Fender Tweed Pro 1958
TAF – Fan Pro C3 Cl 2 Fender Tweed Pro 1958
TAF – Fan Sup. Rev. Fz2 Fender Super Reverb 1969
TAF – Fan Super C1 Cl 3 Fender Super Reverb 1961
TAF – Fan Twins Clean Fender Twin Reverb 1968
TAF – Fan Twins Full Fender Twin Reverb 1961
TAF – Fan Vibr. Clean Fender Vibro King
TAF – Fortune 3 C1 Fortin
TAF – Fried Man Drive 6 Friedman Dirty Shirley
TAF – Gibb’s Son Cl 2 Gibson BA 1955
TAF – High Watt Clean Hiwatt 50 1970
TAF – High Watt DG Cl 2 David Gilmour’s Hiwatt 100
TAF – High Watt DG Full David Gilmour’s Hiwatt 100
TAF – High Watt WL+ Hiwatt 100 Custom
TAF – Mars 800 Bst 2 Marshall JCM 800
TAF – Mars 800 Cr 2 Marshall JCM 800
TAF – Mars CM 900 Drive Marshall JCM 900
TAF – Mars SL Lead 1 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL
TAF – Mars SL mod Lead+ Marshall JCM 2000 DSL
TAF – Mars TM Full Marshall JTM 45
TAF – Mars VM OD2- Marshall JVM 410 HJS Joe Satriani
TAF – Matchbox H+C 30 Matchless HC-30
TAF – MeBo Electro Cl 2 Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne
TAF – MeBo Road Ch 3 Mesa Boogie Roadking
TAF – MeBo Still Crnch– Mesa Boogie Stiletto
TAF – MeBo Trem Verb 2 Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb
TAF – MeBo V Drive 3 Mesa Boogie Mark V
TAF – Oranje Blast Cl Orange Thunder 200
TAF – Oranje Matt Fuzz Orange Matamp
TAF – Oranje OD Cl 2 Orange Overdrive
TAF – Pea V. 505 Cr+ Peavey 6505
TAF – Pea V. 505 Lead- Peavey 6505
TAF – Pea V. Class Cl 3 Peavey Classic 50
TAF – Pea V. JSX 4 C2 Peavey JSX Joe Satriani
TAF – Rainheart Clean+ Reinhardt The Storm 33
TAF – RedFlag Push 2 RedPlate CDS3
TAF – Riviera Full Ch 1 Rivera 3012
TAF – Riviera KH Lead 2 Rivera Knucklehead
TAF – Roll Land 120 Cl Roland JC-120
TAF – Silverclone Cl 3 Silvertone 1418 1967
TAF – Sold S+L+O Soldano SLO 100
TAF – Sure Badge Push 2 Suhr Badger 35
TAF – Ton King Bird Ld+ Tone King Falcon
TAF – Voice Ace 15 Clean Vox AC15 1971
TAF – Voice Ace Clean Vox AC30
TAF – Voice Ace Push 3 Vox AC30 1964
TAF – Voice Cop Top Cl 3 Vox AC30 Copper Top
TAF – Watson Push 3 Watkins Dominator

Free BE 50 Deluxe profiles up

Put up some direct profiles of my new Friedman Be50 Deluxe on the rig exchange. tell me what you think.

Wizard MTL Free Profile

In the studio today doing a little profiling of my Wizard MTL. Not many Wizard profiles out there so I wanted to share this one with you. The gain on the amp was set relatively low but I added the green scream stomp for a little boost. Please try it with and without the boost. Has a nice AC/DC style crunch with the boost off. And high gain bliss with it on.
The profiling chain is:
Gibson Les Paul Standard with Aldrich pickups
Wizard MTL Lead channel
Bogner 4×12 cabinet with an X pattern of V30 and H30’s
Shure SM57 & Royer R121 mix on the V30
BAE 1073 preamp
Summed with UA Console out to KPA
I uploaded the profile to Rig Exchange but you can also download it here if you prefer. Thoughts/comments/constructive criticism would be appreciated. I notice many people download the profiles I share but rarely take the time to comment. Your feedback helps me improve and create better profiles so it’s a win-win all around. Thanks in advance.dropbox.com/s/00cwpiw6h9a8xyg/…2-10%2011-26-14.kipr?dl=0

Free Dr Z Route 66 profiles!

Here we offer free studio-, direct- and merged profiles of a Dr Z Route 66 played through a Shure 1×12 with Fane F70 speaker miced by a SM57.
The reason for this profiles was the question to ourselves: How does the KPA react to our favourite overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals?!
Feel free to check out the direct profile with a real guitar cab and the studio and merged profiles through your frfr monitors. Looking forward to your experiences.
Check out the video which guides you through our test afternoon
Direct link: drive.google.com/drive/folders…dQq0_8VX10P29NHTArqRCo7Fp

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