With all the hoopla surrounding the Cameron Aldrich thread in the commercial section, I figured I’d take a stab at making a DI profile of my Aldrich modded Marshall and share it with you guys for free. I think it responds and sounds very much like the actual amp in the room. No secret methods….just straight out of the amp to the Kemper DI box to the Kemper return. Crank it up through a power amp and 4×12 or load a cab of your liking and let it rip. If you guys like it, I’m sure I could capture some studio profiles as time permits. Please let me know what you think.dropbox.com/s/nal0qd7nimk6bi5/…5-06%2022-03-18.kipr?dl=0
Edit: new DI profile added. It sounds huge here…dropbox.com/s/mi4g7l8lzvgwmkg/…5-07%2013-23-50.kipr?dl=0
May 8 edit: added one of my cabs (Marshall 1960BX) to the DI profile for those that only use FRFR. Check it out –
DI profile with Marshall cab added:dropbox.com/s/dd2k774f61gbiqn/…5-08%2010-03-14.kipr?dl=0
***Comparison test between my profile and the $40 profile added to post #90***