Looking for a specific sound for your Kemper? Is there something missing from your tone or are you wanting a more ‘personal’ touch then this is for you! With our custom Kemper profiling system we will take the sound you’re wanting and turn it into a playable profile sourced from real equipment. We have many amps , cabs and microphones in stock and whilst we may not have the physical amplifier or other materials used we can still work and compromise to get that tone you so desire.

Each profile is 100% unique to you and won’t be shared or distributed else where. It’s a custom profile tailored to your requirements. We will use dual microphones, pedals whatever it takes to try to replicate that tone with our equipment . Turn around time is between 3-5 days permitting schedule but possibly sooner. If you’re not satisified with the initial profile we can attempt it once more.

We can set the profile either as a MERGED or STUDIO profile depending on what you want. We offer up to three custom profiles so you can request a clean, rhythm and lead tone with effects for an additional $5.

Buy with confidence, choose ReampZone. 

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