The mighty Engl Savage is considered the best Engl amplifier of them all. A highly versatile 120 high gain monster with a fantastic natural tight bottom end , this head can do it all from crisp cleans to blazing metal at the tip of your fingers. Together we have put a collection of 53 DIRECT , 28 Studio profiles for your KPA (Merged coming soon).  If you’re wanting the most organic out of the box ready metal tone then this is it – TRUST ME – you want this pack!  Included is a handy settings chart showing various EQ positions and all 100% raw non boosted tones for the true definitive Engl tone. (Direct only).

Cabs Include: Mesa Boogie 4×12 and a Bogner 4×12 with various mics and placements.

*(This pack is being activately updated from now and throughout the new year!)*



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