The Engl Thunder 50 is a power house of diversity and let me tell you it screams! Often times forgotten to its older brother the Fireball , the Engl Thunder 50 rightfully holds it’s claim as the more versatile of the two. With a clean, crunch and lead channel this amp delivers and it delivers HARD. We profiled all the channels and have a DIRECT , MERGED and STUDIO bundle ready for you to buy. Cleans, soft rock, hard rock, metal and even boosted Keeley TS808 profiles are ready to be loaded onto your Kemper and to hit the stage.

Inside? 21 Direct Profiles, 20 Merged profiles and 4 Studio Profiles. Cabs include; Mesa Boogie Rectifier, Hesu W112, Blackstar Artisan (Clean ONLY) and an Engl E212.


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