WOW! This amp is ridiculously amazing! It is hard for me to put into words how fantastic this head is. 100w of pure unadulterated power with the biggest bottom end I’ve ever heard on an amplifier , EVER. A killer head perfect for the metal enthusiast you’ll find 22 DIRECT and 28 STUDIO profiles ready for your hard banging needs. All three channels have been profiled and noted and includes a direct settings chart for the direct users. High gain madness , this amp should be put on a pedestal or something because everyone should have one. No boosts included, it’s super tight as it is – fat , nice mid range presence and a clean crisp high that will be your number 1 go-to-pack for years to come. I rate this head 10/10.

Currently profiled with a single Mesa Boogie 4×12 miced with a SM57 and MD421 more cabs and mics are coming in the near future but trust me – as it stands this pack is out-f#$king standing!

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