More testing…
12 profiles from H&K GrandMeister 36 Ultra channel and 2 profiles from clean channel. Tip: Try to activate the Studio EQ in X-slot -> adjust “Mid2 Gain” to taste Download:…ab18ba2a747b6b084f7ab4a7d
Soundclip: (There’s just a limiter in the master channel – guitar tracks are not EQ’d. These profiles are quite dark sounding )
Recorded with REAPER 5
Rhythm guitar left: SPK77 GM36 Ultra 9
Rhythm guitar right: SPK77 GM36 Ultra 12
Lead guitars: SPK77 GM36 Ultra 9
Bass: freeware (Necromare Electric Bass)
Drums: SSD 4
Newer clip (see H&K GrandMeister 36 (Engl pro 4×12 slanted))Updated 22.4.2017: added 1 profile from ultra channelSPK77 GM36 Ultra 12 (activate the stomp section to tame the gain a little bit and to increase dynamics – see this:
Updated 20.4.2017: added two profiles from clean channelSPK77 GM36 Clean 1SPK77 GM36 Clean 2 (profiled with exactly same settings as “SPK77 GM36 Clean 1”, but this time Kemper decided that it’s a distorted profile)
Updated 17.4.2017: added two high gain profilesSPK77 GM36 Ultra 10SPK77 GM36 Ultra 11(I tested this fizz-killing trick by Fear Complex Music):
Updated: added two profilesSPK77 GM36 Ultra 8 (GM36 boost on)SPK77 GM36 Ultra 9 (tight and saturated – I tried to get something similar like in these great profiles: Mesa Boogie JP2C into Mesa Rectifier 4×12 Slant)