This is the most smallest brutal miniature amp in the world! Modelled after the famous Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifer , the Hotone Heart Attack Nano Legacy rightfully lays it’s claim as the most tiny butt-kicker in the world! We have amassed a collection of 39 studio profiles, 3 direct profiles and 5 merged profiles with various positions and configurations that are surely going to get your heart racing, head slamming and fingers bleeding. This amp has only one channel and it’s been profiled with our Mesa Boogie 4×12 , Blackstar Artisan 2×12 and a Hesu Seventy 80 with the lovely SM57 and Sennheiser E609 for extra tone options, oh … and we also boosted this SOAB with a TS808 and a Keeley Modded TS808! (oh yeah!).

The Hotone Heart Attack is a legit 5 watt amp, still not convinced? Then try six free profiles on us and see what you think. Did I mention this thing was tiny? Seriously… check out the tone that comes out of this thing. If it was a horse it would be a miniature stallion (get it?! lol…) How close does it come to sounding like a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier? Buy the pack and find out.



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