Often times you’ll find an amp that slips under the rader for many reasons , in this instance it was due to timing. H&K brought out a lot of amplifiers aimed at a wider scope of people and sadly Switchblade 100 was forgotten about. Upon it’s release it was seen as a great future prospect incorporating tubes and digital channel selection – sounds great … right but then digital profilers came along and it got left in the dust.

Offering four channels, Clean – Crunch – Lead and Ultra this I would consider more of a hard rock / metal amplifier. The cleans are crisp and the crunch is certainly crunchy but the lead channel shines through with its smooth bottom end whilst the ultra is a very high gain and loose and thus we also included a few boosted profiles to tighten the low end with our MXR Wylde OD and Seymour Duncan 805.

Currently a work in progress this pack features 10 DIRECT and 26 STUDIO profiles made with our Mesa Boogie 4×12 – Shure SM57 and MD421. More cabs, configurations and more will be released in a later free update.

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