The legendary Tubemeister in a compact 5 watt head is a breath of fresh air. The drive chanel is that tone you wish a lot of 100 watt heads had but this pint sized rocker is perfect. Nice cleans, killer crunch, high gain and more this is a real good rock head and compliments a lead player in its entirety.

Currently featuring 13 DIRECT and 12 STUDIO profiles this work in progress has a lot to offer even the most seasoned of players. Boosts include Klon Centaur, Keeley TS808, Suhr Riot , Blues Driver, MXR Wylde OD, Mesa Boogie Flux Overdrive and many many more! Of course non boosted profiles are included.

The studio profiles currently feature a Mesa Boogie 4×12 plus a Zilla 1×12 cab but more are scheduled for release.


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