If you’re looking for a totally grindy meaty beast of a metal amp for your Kemper then this is it… it’s not nice, it’s not pretty and it’s not going to impress the in-laws on on a Wednesday night. Not for the faint of heart – this DIRECT and STUDIO pack has 30 direct profiles plus 19 STUDIO profiles ready to be played, used, abused and whatever else you feel is necessary. This is a high gain amp, it’s not known for its cleans or its blues crunch its all about the distinct, obscure and malicious tone that’ll set your guitar to a whole new level. A proactive amp in its own right and to make it even more of a monstrous amp we have included boosted profiles using our Keeley TS808 , MXR Wylde OD and Boss HM-3 (Direct only) and a Wylde OD for our studio profiles. This is a MUST HAVE pack for any metal kemper player so buy it now!

Equipment Used

  • CAB: Mesa Boogie 4×12 / Bogner 4×12 and a Marshall 4×12
  • MIC: Shure SM57 / Heil PR20 / Royer R121 Clone

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