If you’re looking for the ultimate authentic Marshall tone then look no further than our JVM410 Kemper Profiles! Why should you buy this pack? Simple, it’s killer! We have included pre-made effects on some cleans for you to simply record and play plus lead patches too! What’s inside this pack you’re wondering? 16 Direct Profiles , 105 Studio Profiles and 20 Merged Profiles all for $15!

  • Mics: SM57, E609 and a wonderful Heil PR20!
  • Cabs: Mesa Boogie Rectifier, Engl E212, Hesu Seventy 80, Blackstar Artisan and our custom made David Laboga cabinet.
  • EXTRA: All channels profiled! + Dave Mustaine Settings (Clean, Rhythm and Lead) + Ola Englund Settings (Rhythm)

Ready to part with your cash? Then buy them now! Still unsure? Here are five free profiles (including one DI).


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