The definitive Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier REV F Kemper Profile. Featuring 58 DIRECT and 69 STUDIO profiles with various modes, EQ and pedal boosts this is the ultimate Dual Rectifier experience. We put a lot of extra care and attention into this collection as we felt an amp this awesome deserves to be done properly and in turn you have the following channels profiled Green Clean, Orange Vintage / Red Vintage and Modern Modes plus we also included BOLD and Spongy modes (noted via our settings chart for DIRECT profiles only) so you’re getting the most versatile collection of profiles ever created for a Dual Rectifier.

Cabs: Mesa Boogie 4×12 (V30) -Bogner 4×12 (V30) and a Framus 2×12 (EVH).
Boosts: MXR Wylde OD and a Keeley TS808.
Mics: Shure SM57 (Plus Fredman technique) and a Sennheiser MD-421.

Metal heads beware – you’re fingers will hate you for the thrashing you’ll give it! updates coming soon.

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