The “undisputed” go-to guitar amplifier for scores of rock, hardcore and metal bands for their raw tone the Peavey 6505 is surely a king of the metal scene. We have put together a highly versatile collection of DIRECT and STUDIO profile pack which contain 19 direct , 8 Merged and 67 studio profiles. We have clean tones, crunch tones, rock tones and super metal tones ready for your head banging needs. Honestly this pack is amazing. We’ve included Keeley TS808 , Wylde OD and Boss HM3 boosted profiles and a handy settings chart (direct only) for your consideration PLUS and this is a big plus , the settings as used by (Retracted) on his 6505 (Direct and Merged) and Killswitch Engage (direct only) but also included is our ‘sound-like KSE‘ with our Bogner 4×12 (Studio 47/48). This is a high gain and monstrously fat package and should be used with caution!

Cabs Used: David Laboga 2×12, Mesa Boogie 4×12, Engl 4×12 and a Bogner 4×12 w/ various speaker configurations and microphones. This is the best 6505 pack money can buy!

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