The Soldano Super Lead 60 Series II is a fantastic versatile head in a single channel. Offering various tones you’re able to selective dial in your desired sound with its responsive front EQ and it also has a lot of gain on tap. From glassy cleans , dirty blues to super fat metal tones the Soldano SL60 is a juggernaut. Naturally an open-ended amp that has a very prominent mid range you’ll find your playing taken to the next level with this pack. Included thus far – 23 DIRECT and 22 STUDIO  profiles unboosted and boosted with our Suhr Riot, Boss Blues Driver, Klon Centaur, Keeley TS808, MXR Wylde OD and a Seymour Duncan 805.

This pack is a work in progress and more profiles are coming and all updates are 100% FREE!


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