Just added those pedals thru a Mesa TA-15 into a 4×12 25 watt greenback cab
These were Direct profiles(I only have an old SM57 so I’ve given up on mic’ing the cab) but added the cab to match what was actually being heard in the room. I used a Eric Johnson strat with fender CS 69’s.
I also did a Lovepedal Tchula Black Mamba but unfortunately it sounds like the signal overloaded. Almost like a octave divider is on, I can’t figure out what I did wrong, I don’t see anything apparent in the signals. I’ve tried different cabs but nothing fixes it. Not that big of a deal, I’ll re profile and see if I can get it to sound proper.
P.S. lower the amp volume, I must have compared them to a high volume profile and turned the volume up to 8 to match. After comparing to factory profiles, they ripped my head off!edit; the one named Stevie in RE, is a Super Six- SRV so NAKED