Hello, I’m new to Kemper (about a month now), and after trying many different profiles, both free and commercial, I feel that the free MANROCK 800 is the one that best fits my needs, so I’ve been looking for more of the same (for cleans, slightly breakup, solo, etc.). I’ve bought every other JCM800 profile in TAF and other commercial versions of the JCM800 (modded and not… Britt, RZ,…). I feel I haven’t found yet the true pack where the MANROCK800 is… can someone (maybe even Andy) tell me where I can find this? (or let me know whether there is no such thing) Thanks a lot!
And one little question that doesn’t belong here, but maybe someone can help me… can I change my screen name on this forum? Thanks all!
Unrelated but necessary to say: I’m absolutely in love with the Kemper. I’ve bought every other digital gadget before, from the early pods to the axe fx… Not one lasted longer than a few weeks in my hands before unloading them and going back to my real tube amps again. At this point, after about a month using the kemper, I’m thinking about selling some of my tube amps. This thing is a beast.