So I found this great rig in Rig Exchange from a user. I’d like to get in touch to know if he has some more of the same amp because I can’t find any profile of this amp. Actually I found one commercial, I bought it and it just doesn’t do the trick for me (just not my taste).
The name of the profiler guy is H. van Rickelen and he apparently recorded his profile at Tresohr studio in Germany. This guy is not apparently in the forum, at least not under this R.E name.
I’m thinking about sending an email to the studio but if the guy is not working there is no chance they would give me information.. so just giving a shot in this forum.
What would you do to get in touch ?
Thank you for any idea/information with this.
PS: Hope it’s Ok to post rig author name and that is not considered stalking ? I guess as long as he posted with this name (true or nickname ?) in rig exchange everyone can find this information so…