Hello Kemper lovers,
the last few weeks I’ve been working hard on profiling some of the finest Italian boutique amps made by Dangelo. They are really great amps!
The one I started with is my MC Custom 35, which is a Bassman/JTM45 style amp with a 1×12 cab with a Jensen J12N, the amp was actually tweaked by the amp guru himself for my taste and fingers.
I would like to share with you guys a few of my studio profiles and it would be great if you could tell me your point.
I’m working on this in a professional recording studio in Rome called NoiseFree Recording Studio, here’s my chain: I use an old Revox M3500 mic (dynamic) and a ribbon Shure ksm 313. Closed mic’d slightly off axis. The first goes into a Neve 1073 preamp and the second goes into an Api 512c. Both into an Apogee Symphony and ProTools. The Apogee out goes into the Kemper return and the Kemper send into my Dangelo.
I profiled the amplifier on its sweet spots, with different shades of colors… the mic preamps are set nice and hot, so the tone would be as much “organic” as possible!
I’ve done clean, break up, crunch and fuzzy profiles. Using also amazing boutique pedals (Fuzz and Boost) into a clean on the edge of break up tone: like Paul Trombetta Design fuzz (made pedals for Josh Smith, Kirk Flether, Mike Landau…), Xotic, old Ibanez od850, Dangelo DD72 (JanRay style)…
Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
I put them on the Rig Exchange as well, but here’s the dropbox link:dropbox.com/sh/z067usf8mymao1e…wpvBvY6WTjNMp3vjbdLa?dl=0
Here’s a video of the clean tone, as well. Enjoy!