I would like to suggest, and it may have been before, that we create a section for the “I want the tone of…” on the board and establish a naming convention for the exchange.
I think it would be a great thing for tone chasers and new users alike. Most people have come from other modelers into the wonderful world of profiling and are used to seeing famous name patches to replicate their favorite artists tones and or specific sounds.
I bought the Van Halen Pack from Top Jimi and it was great as a quick way to get instant gratification with a killer set of profiles.
I think having a resource like this would be a great asset to a lot of users (yes, me most importantly) but also a great and fun way to get our excellent free and paid profile makers to try something a bit different and seek out a specific sound.
I’ll start off with a request for a set of Randy Rhoads profiles.
Several people have done the RR Marshall but none of these has the tone of the master out of the gate. Who’s game?
p.s. please spare us the “tone is in the fingers” argument. While partially true, the right gear will get a semi-pro in the ballpark every time.
Thanks all!