…are there so many great free profiles out there that paid ones are bordering on unnecessary?
I dunno. I picked up my Kemper three months ago and have been living in a state of pure, perpetual bliss ever since. There are so many fantastic profiles I’m picking up on Rig Manager, from the old Bassmans to some of my favourite Carrs and Polytones. I’m getting a lot of compliments on my tone. I feel like I’m converting people to Kemper every day.
When planning the purchase of this thing, I budgeted for all the paid profiles I’d be getting, and have so far bough precisely zero. I do a lot of production and engineering, so my ear’s pretty good, but am I missing a whole other world by not paying for my profiles? Sure, I guess there’s a consistency, but I’m curious to hear how much ‘better’ they are.
Over and out x