Hi All,
I’m sorry for filling this section of the forum up with my project, hopefully this will be that last thread in this series.
This project is about the community profiling an amp together, we select an amp, speaker/cab, mics and start trying different things to get the best profile that we can.
In the first thread we voted on an amp to profile, the BE100 won.Have amps, will profile: Choose an amp.
In the second thread we voted on a speaker and cab combination, the Carvin Legacy with stock Vintage 30’s won:Have amps, will profile: Choose an amp.
In the third and fourth threads we voted on single or dual mics, dual mics won and the mics selected were the SM57 and AT4040.
I didn’t have a lot of time but I made four quick profiles just as a baseline, you can test these profiles and then make your request or just make your request based on your experience and knowledge, whatever works for you. I just wanted to provide a baseline for those that wanted something to start with.
Here’s what I did…
Friedman BE100.
Carvin Legacy 412 with stock Vintage 30’s.
Dual mics consisting of the SM57 and AT4040.
The SM57 was 2″ from the front of the speaker frame, 1/2 inch from the edge of the dome, angle = 20deg towards the center of the speaker, level = 0dB.
The AT4040 was 2″ from the front of the speaker frame, 1″ from the edge of the dome, angle = 0deg, level = -5dB, Treble = -5 (on the mixer).
Both mic’s were ran into an Allen Heath Mix Wizard 16:2 and then into the KPA.
Amp settings…
Presence = 5
Bass = 7
Middle = 8
Treble = 5.5
Master = 2
Voice Switch = Right
FAT = Off
C45 = Off
SAT = Off
File/Rig names are HAWP-1 BE GAIN-x…
HAWP-1 = Have Amps Will Profile, Phase-1.
BE or HBE = the BE or HBE channel.
GAIN-x = the gain of the channel.
Now it’s up to you, tell me what you want to try. I would ask that you keep your request to 4 profiles each to start with so that I can try to get to as many requests as possible.
We’ll probably need to go on a first come first serve basis. That being said, I’m open to comparing different speakers, cabs and mics if you want but that will take more time due to needing to set everything up so I will focus on requests based on the listed equipment first and then as time permits I’ll try different equipment if you want. Either way it might take a few days before I can make some profiles but I’ll try to do everyone’s request as soon as I can.
The profiles and a few photos are here: dropbox.com/sh/bctgni8v5h4fpc0…QYIbl7ndKCeLsVJqxssa?dl=0
The ball is in your court, what do you want to try
EDIT: Here is a link to all of the profiling sessions (a huge thank you to meambobo for hosting the files in one easy to find location):foobazaar.com/kemper/HAWP/
And a zipped file: foobazaar.com/kemper/HAWP/HAWP.zip