Hi guys! Some free profiles for you to play with from me! Check them out!Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…b Mesa Dual Rectifier.rarMr.British 800 – Based on a Marshall JCM 800 amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…iliLab Mr.British 800.rarMr.British AMP – Based on a Marshall JMP amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…iliLab Mr.British AMP.rarMr.Bugi Mark 4 – Based on Mesa Boogie Mk 4 amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…iliLab Mr.Bugi Mark 4.rarMr.Danger 120 – Based on ENGL Savage 120 amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…CiliLab Mr.Danger 120.rarMr.Piwi 6534+ – Based on Peavey 6534+ amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…liLab Mr.Piwi 6534%2B.rarMr.Single Rektor 50W – Based on Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier 50W amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22… Mr.Single Rektor 50W.rarMr.Vokser 15 – Based on VOX Heritage 15 amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…b Mr.Vokser 15_DIRECT.rarMr.Vokser 30 – Based on VOX 30 [JMI Product] amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…/CiliLab Mr.Vokser 30.rarMrs.Ferdina on a Hot Road – Based on Fender Hot Rod 3 amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…rdina on a Hot Road 3.rarMr.Viktory – Based on Victoria 20112 amplifierdl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22…5D/CiliLab Mr.Viktory.rar