Hi community,
in search for the great AC/DC tones, I recently supplemented by Splawn QuickRod amp with a SoloDallas Storm boost/comp pedal. It works really great and inspired me to upload my first KPA profiles: QR Ch1 SD Storm_v1 and QR Ch1 SD Storm_v2.
V1 has more gain (around noon), with highs, mids and bass at 6, presence at around 10. V2 has little less gain (around 10) with mids at noon, highs at 6 and bass at around noon. The storm settings were Power: noon, storm and snap at 6. Both versions were profiled in Channel 1 with the same mic (SM 57) at the same position (centerish) and with the same guitar (Gibson SG of course).
Please let me know what you think!
All the best from Vienna / Rock on!