I just got this beauty last week and have been playing with it every chance I get. It’s been at the top of my bucket list for years, and I found a deal I couldn’t pass up. I saw a request for this here before, so with my first day off I’ve decided to return the favor after downloading many great profiles from here.
There are 5 patches (so far);
Welagen SSS 1
Welagen SSS 1 Rev
Welagen SSS 2
Welagen SSS 2 Rev
Welagen SSS 2 LG
Welagen 1 and Welagen 1 Rev are the same profile, one just has added reverb. This was the first one I made, and I kept getting the “no amp detected” error. So I lowered the attenuation significantly, and as a result it is very sensitive to the input volume of your guitar. So I kept this one for some delicate playing, or backing off the guitar volume. Otherwise it will fart out.
Welagen 2, Welagen 2 Rev and Welagen 2 Rev LG are the same profile as well. The first 2 just like previously, and the gain on them is up to about 3. The LG patch has the gain backed off to zero. This one you can strum as hard as you like and not have the output clip on you.
Now on to the EQ settings. They’re pretty drastic, but I A/B’s them against the real thing (which is running through a pair of 80’s EVM-12L’s). The Kemper is running through a pair of Atomic CLRs with the cab OFF. This might sound crazy to some, but I profiled it with the Kemper DI Box and it sounds incredibly close this way. But I’ve also left room for adjustments and you can do as you please on your box.