Hi there,
I am a KPA owner for a couple of months now and I was wodering, if you could help me out with some tips re good sounding profiles for Classic rock covers.
I play mainly one of two guitars in a classic rock cover band. We play songs of: Hendrix, Zepplin, Bad Company, Clapton, Moore, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Cream, CCR, Lenny Kravitz, etc.
I have an unpowered KPA and a DXR10 speaker. I would like to play the KPA at smaller gigs just through the DXR10, without a PA. So far I have been experimenting with free profiles and ReampZone profiles, mainly DI profiles combined with Redwirez IRs as I feel that the studio profiles, which are often captured through a SM57 turn pretty brittle and harsh when the volume is increased.
I have a few sounds, which I think could work live, however I would be happy, if you could recommend a few profiles free or commercial, ideally profiles, which you play yourself and have proven to sound good live to cover the bands named above.
Thx in advance for your help.