I am new here bought my Kemper just a few months ago and I started this week working in my new studio. I download the Rig Manager and I was really impressed from the variety of rigs I saw. I tested some of them ( i was searching for specific amps) and some stuff is really great. I kindly have to make some questions as new here
Let’s say that I use in a commercial personal work either as an artist or as a producer (reamping for other bands etc) a free profile made from any user I found in Rig Exchange. I suppose I am able to use it for my commercial purposes aren’t I?. I am a big tweaker btw (I also play keyboards and that’s the reason) but I have already found 2-3 profiles that do not need tweaking according to my taste. Can I use them freely?
Also in the rig manager there is a folder named rig packs. Those rigs are free to use in commercial works?
I really thank you in advance and I am really happy to be a part of Kemper community!!!!!!