Hi all,
You can find the free sampler here tonejunkiestore.com/tone-junkie-free-sampler
The Official Tone Junkie Kemper Sampler Pack includes…
1) “HW Beauty 3′ – This profile captures the sound of the Suhr Bella amplifier on 5 in the 44 watt setting with a celestion V-type speaker. It sits in the middle of the dynamic range of this amp and cleans up beautifully with a light touch. This profile will challenge you Sunday morning guys who think vox is the only way to go. This is the quintessential edge of break up sound and maybe a touch more.
2)”HW DAG 15 1″ – This profile captures the sound of the Morgan DAG 15 amplifier with the power scaling on 10 making this amp produce the full 15 watts with a celestion blue. The volume was set to just under 4 on the dial. You can feel the amp reaching the end of the preamp’s headroom. This amp’s circuit is similar to a Vox AC15 Top boost circuit.
3)”HW Jouster 1″ – This profile captures the sound of the Kingsley Jouster Pedal which features 2 12ax7 tubes run into a Suhr Bella Amplifier set on 3. The Jouster is set to channel 1 with the gain control set to 10:30. The Jouster is a fire breather and this is it’s most polite setting. Get your Marshall full stack windmill guitar strum on!!!
4)”Sooze’s 30/15 Hi 1” – This profile captures the sound of the Matchless 30/15 which is a high powered version of the Matchless Lightning. The master is set wide open on the 30 watt setting and the volume and tone are set to 11 o’clock. This is maybe our favorite profile! It’s has that beautiful rich refined Matchless tone. This profile is touch sensitive and has become a favorite on Sunday mornings for many P&W players. Enjoy!
Some sound examples can be found in this promo video: