Hey everybody. Just put my first offering to the Rig Exchange up. It’s called XTC UNCHAINED. It’s a profile of my Bogner Ecstasy on the Blue channel in Plexi mode with the amp’s internal boost on. I did the profile with an old Marshall 4×12 with pre-Rola Celestion Greenback speakers and a Sennheiser e609 mic. I used the basic profile to try to get a good Van Halen sound so it’s loaded up with the Kemper’s clean boost, phaser, delay and reverb. It also has my best attempt at copying the EVH Flanger with it’s button engaged. On my Kemper, I have this profile set up to morph the mix of the Flange from 0 to 100% in 0ms and I have it set up on a momentary switch. Too much fun playing the opening riff to Unchained that way. I hope that morph setting translates to whoever downloads the profile.
Have fun with it. If you strip away all the effects in the patch, the base profile is so close to my Bogner dry that it’s scary. Let me know what you think!