Two of my favorite, older obscure amps are now available on the Rig Exchange label Alamo TItan and Alamo Para Rev 7+79. These amps are one of the first I profiled when I purchased the Kemper about a month ago.
The 1965 Alamo Titan is a 1×12 combo running about 12-15 watts with 2-6v6 power tubes, 2-12AX7 preamp tubes and 1-5Y3GT rectifier tube. Think it like a poor mans Champ or Princeton.
Te 1965 Alamo Paragon Reverb 7+79 is a 60 ish watt head that I ran through a 2×10 cab. I’m not sure of the tube make up. Its like a poor man’s Bassman.
I provided varying degrees of gain for both amps.