Long short story, I was in a rehearsal studio today and I had 30 minutes to test an actual brand new JP-2C (it is a US rack version) !
Fotunately, I had my Kemper there !!!
Guess what ?
OK, only had time to make a Direct amp profile.
I added later my fav cab, and the result is in the rig exchange.
The amp is amazing. Very well designed.
Does it sound like my IIC+ ? No, sounds slightly more “modern”, but mine is simul-class, and I have Tungsol/WingedC tubes… However, if I put my IIC+ in 60W, they are very close. In a blindtest with the amp in the room, I could have sworn to play a IIC+, so it is nice.
Funny side, like for my IIC+, it is as easy to make very bad direct amp profiles, lol !! not the fault of the Kemper, the reference tone is bad, period
But I thought my IIC+ profiling skills helped me to find a sweet spot in 5 minutes !