Hey! I made some profiles of my friend’s Supro Dual-Tone. There is a clean profile and a distorted profile. They both have similar tone settings so the only real difference is the gain. I profiled using a 57 a few inches off the cone and its a combo amp so the cab is the built in cab. If you don’t know anything about this amp, essentially its a Supro that is either a single channel or a Jumpered 1+2 channel. Both these profiles were done on the jumper channel.
I looked up the manual online to see what the “Recommended setting” is and I used that for the distorted profile and then just backed off on the volumes for the clean profile.
It’s on the Rig Exchange or right here in my dropbox. dropbox.com/sh/tfxkxl9muyks447…ekHh28t-H7lliY2hVSqa?dl=0
Let me know what you think! Enjoy!