Just wanted to give you guys these two profiles for no charge. These were considered “rejects” by us for “Commercial sale” not that they are rejects by any means, it just means we did not think they were good enough to charge people money for.
The profile is what it is and does high gain very well. This is not the same profile or profiles of the same amp we offer commercially for 24 dollars.
These two particular profiles… the EQ is not very adjustable on the Kemper, its just meant for straight plug and play high gain awesome. The commercial version you can actually adjust the mids, highs and lows without it turning into a digital mess.
Let me know what you guys think.
It’s free, it’s straight plug and play Cameron high gain awesomeness. If you want versatility please look at our commercially available profile packs.
They are titled “Modern 1” and “Modern 2” by SuckerFreeGear
Edited to add, this is my first time uploading to the exchange so if you guys are having any difficulty or I screwed up somewhere let me know. Thanks in advance.