Hi guys…just did my second profile here. It is from a Randall RD5C with SM58 mic. Amp is a Single Channel all tube 5 watt (12AX7/6V6) 1×10 Combo with Gain, Tone, Master Volume (randallamplifiers.com/product/rd5c/).
I did two profiles: one boosted with a Joyo Roll Boost (awesome result) and another boosted with a Boss SD-1 Made in Japan (not so awesome). Please let me know what you think!
Link to the profiles and images of the gear and settings:1drv.ms/f/s!AtkODHBk6WvHgcIU3IrT-on6HTEvjw
Sample (1st part with Roll Boost and 2nd with the SD-1):
Please give me feedback as I am new on “profiling”.