Dear Kemperites,
i made some profiles of my Orange Tiny Terror that i’d like to share. Short clips are available on Soundcloud. The guitar playing is… well, sub-optimal but should be good enough to give you an impression.Profile No. 1 – Mostly clean / Bridge PUProfile No. 2 – Mostly clean / Neck PUProfile No. 3 – Full gain / Bridge PUProfile No. 4 – Swedish Lead / Neck PUProfile No. 5 – Pushed / Bridge PUProfile No. 6 – Pushed (with EQ) / Bridge PUProfile No. 7 – Pushed / Neck PUProfile No. 8 – Driven / Bridge PUProfile No. 9 – Driven / Neck PU
Detailed technical information is included in the attached zip archive.
The profiles are made without any effects (except no.4) so throw in reverb, delay etc. as you wish.
I’d appreciate hearing your comments (no comments regarding my guitar playing, please )