These profiles are from my 68′ Fender Vibrolux modified by Alessandro. I purchased the amp and sent it to him to modify it to a point to point wiring and he also changed the OT and replaced it to a better one. There are 2 type of profiles the ones that are labeled “Rev” I used a 4 x 12 Marshall 1960B cabinet with Scumback speakers and the ones labeled”RevA” are with the stock 10″ Celestion speakers. CST is the Custom channel and “VNT” is the Vintage channel, the numbers at the end are the volume levels. There’s also one profile using the Fulltone OCD. I used A Fender Strat with Lindy Fralin “Real 54” pickups.You’ll find the profiles under “George Alayon” I hope these profiles will work for you.