These are new upgraded profiles that I made of 2 very unique amps. The 68′ Metro/Friedman Plexi is a 68′ Metropoulos 12000 series which Dave Friedman modified to the limited 68′ Metro/Friedman Plexi which had 6CA7 output tubes that was available for a short period of time. The 68/69 Scumback Plexi was build by Carl Esparza and Jim Seavall from Scumback speakers and there are only 2 in existence. Both amps have no master volume so I used a Fryette Power Station Attenuator set at a neutral settings to get the most neutral tone possible. Both amps have Amperex “Bugle Boy” NOS 12ax7 preamp tubes on V1 and V2.
The letter “j” on the labeling means both channels jumped. The Metro/Friedman has an internal “Variac” so the profiles that has the “90v” means that profiles done at 90 volts. There’s one profiles set at 75 volts with an external Variac which sounds interesting. I use these profiles a lot when I play live, but they might sound different with other pickups or speakers.You can find the profiles under George Alayon. I hope they’ll work for all of you!