Hello all!
I am Chris Tate from Conquer Recordings. I have put together an awesome profile pack of the KSR Colossus that I want to share. Below i will post my soundcloud link to where you can hear some of these profiles in action, as well as a link to my store. In my store, you can also listen to examples of each profile pack by clicking the image of the amp you want to listen to. You can also find an entire free pack of profiles of the block letter Peavey 5150, and the ENGL Thunder 50 head. My KSR pack is not free, it is $20, BUT if you download the Misc Amp Free profile pack, you will get one FREE KSR profile, plus more from other amps. I will also use this thread to post other free profiles from the KSR and other amps as i take more.conquerrecordings.com/store.html