I’ve uploaded three new profiles to Rig Exchange:
TBa AC15 TB — My AC15CH on the Top Boost channel, set up with comp, boost, and delay for all your U2/P&W needs.
TBa AC15 (Ab)Normal — My AC15CH on the Normal channel with a BBE Bohemian out front, set up for that Queen tribute band you were thinking of starting.
TBa Lillith — A homebrew I built many years ago with the preamp of a Trainwreck, a tonestack tweaked to be more Vox-ish, the PI of a Matchless, and the cathode biased 2x6V6 power section of a tweed Deluxe. The result is mostly in the Vox tonal famiiy IMNSHO.
All are merged profiles using the same cab, a Vox-badged AC30 2×12 extension cab from North Coast Music with Eminence GB12 and V12 speakers. The cab was miked with a Sennheiser e609 placed 6″ off the grill in the middle of the cab.
Share and enjoy!