I just released a free acoustic simulation pack available on my website, available here :fremenpresets.com/downloads/category/kemper/
There are a few acoustic simulation profiles for the Kemper on Rig Exchange, including one I made in 2013 that got good reviews. But I think no one did what I did for other processors : a collection of presets which will work for as many electric guitars and pickups as possible.Note that I’m not trying to simulate an actual acoustic guitar here – many people, including myself, have tried to do that but I honestly think it never works well enough – but an electro-acoustic one, or the piezo pickup of an electric guitar. I used my own Yamaha APX500 as a source for the reference sound.
The reason behind the multiple profiles (17) in this pack is that the final sound is highly dependent on the electric guitar you will use and its pickups. I have simulation for many guitars and pickups (Telecaster, Stratocaster, Ibanez with DiMarzio or EMG etc.). So if you want to use a Strat with the neck position, or an Ibanez with a DiMarzio humbucker on the bridge, I have specific presets for both. Of course, you may try other presets, but starting with the intended ones is the safest bet. Warning : if you use a preset made for a neck humbucker on a dark guitar with a Fender Strat on the “quack” position, the excess of treble may hurt your ears, or even your tweeters ! So, proceed with caution. Also, the compressor is necessary to prevent the profile from sounding distorted. Of course, you can tweak the profile to your taste, for your specific guitar. The “studio equalizer” can be useful for this, but often, the main EQ and amp definition parameter are enough.
Also included in this free pack, are a few profiles I made with my tube amps : EVH 5150 III LBX, Victory V130 The Countess (the 100 W version of the Guthrie Govan signature amp) and Mesa Boogie MKV:35. There’s also a few samples from my Kemper Big Pack, which is my big collection of Axe-Fx II profiles (made from the presets I sell for Axe users) ; this pack also has Helix, Atomic Amplifire profiles, and all my real amp profiles.
Note : although this pack is free, please don’t redistribute any of its content anywhere !