In the studio today doing a little profiling of my Wizard MTL. Not many Wizard profiles out there so I wanted to share this one with you. The gain on the amp was set relatively low but I added the green scream stomp for a little boost. Please try it with and without the boost. Has a nice AC/DC style crunch with the boost off. And high gain bliss with it on.
The profiling chain is:
Gibson Les Paul Standard with Aldrich pickups
Wizard MTL Lead channel
Bogner 4×12 cabinet with an X pattern of V30 and H30’s
Shure SM57 & Royer R121 mix on the V30
BAE 1073 preamp
Summed with UA Console out to KPA
I uploaded the profile to Rig Exchange but you can also download it here if you prefer. Thoughts/comments/constructive criticism would be appreciated. I notice many people download the profiles I share but rarely take the time to comment. Your feedback helps me improve and create better profiles so it’s a win-win all around. Thanks in…2-10%2011-26-14.kipr?dl=0