I’ve been trying to get as close as possible to Brian May’s screaming tone in Bohemian Rhapsody recently (since I built a guitar with three singles wired in series and I can reproduce the correct pickup combination). I ended up getting pretty good results starting from the direct Vox VBM1 profiles by Eric Geurts (@FlyingSnowman I believe, right?). I was able to tonematch an impulse response that gets me pretty close to the recorded tone.
So I figured I’d share the stuff in case anybody finds it useful. As I understand it I can’t post the rig that I used on Rig Exchange since I’m not the author of the full thing (I’m running “Vox VBM1 Brian May 3” from Rig Exchange as my starting point). So here are the cabinet files: dropbox link
Any feedback welcome, this is the first time I’ve tried something like this.
I’m working on a youtube video showcasing this in full, but for the moment here’s a quick demo: