I finally got to upload a ton of profiles using most of my amp collection. You can find it under “George Alayon” The amps that I profiled are:
Metro/Friedman 68 Plexi( at different voltages),68/69 Scumback Plexi(only a few in existence), Friedman BE100 Suhr, PT100 Mesa Boogie Recto ,70’s Marshall JMP 100 watt.
Keep in mind that I just got the Kemper amp not the long. I used my Chandler Limited TG2 through SSL stuff using a 4 x 12 custom made Marshall 1960B made by Jim from Scumback Speakers loaded with BH75,M75,H75 and Celestion V30s. The Plexis are cranked to 10 using a Fryette Power Station attenuator at various voltage settings.
I would love to hear your opinion and see if I can improve my profiling skills!