I’m back for Round 2, and I’ve added some profiles of my Suhr Badger 30.
Similar to the round I did with the Headstrong, I’ve added three main settings: clean, mid, and pushed. Each level of gain has a dynamic (M88), ribbon (M160), and mix (M88/M160) profile. The differences among the mics are fairly subtle, but this may help account for varying preferences and also permit some degree of mixing control if you’re using these for recording.
I’d welcome any feedback on these. (Same for the Headstrong profiles, although it has its own thread.)
What I’m beginning to notice is just how stinkin’ much difference the speakers/cabs make. Heck, that’s not even counting the mics being used. There are, for example, a couple of other Badger 30 profiles out there, but most use a V30 type speaker, and I prefer it with a creamback styled speaker. Different strokes for different folks. As you might imagine, this is a less scooped sound. But preferences aside, this is a different take than what I think might otherwise be presently available, and so I hope you receive it in that spirit.
Have fun!