Like the title implies! I’ve never seen a thread devoted to free profile goodies? We all have favorite commercial profile vendors that do amazing work but what about the other hidden gems among the thousands of RE offerings, rig packs, factory setting rigs, forum offerings, or wherever? I thought I’d be cool to have a thread devoted to just those; the ones you stumble upon and go… where the hell have you been all this time? Anyways, you get the idea… Some points to consider:Which guitars are you using with the profiles? What pickups are being used?Are you using any outboard effects?Did you tweak the profiles? What style/genre of music are you playing?
I started using three from the factory settings yesterday – very impressed!
No tweaks, playing some rock riffs using my SG standard with 490R & 490T humbuckers
Ducked RotaTremVerb
German Fuzz
CK Rotary Speaker