Hi Guys,
It’s been a while since I uploaded stuff. Since I had positive feedback on some rigs, I felt like sharing some others.
I had great success profiling a David Eden bass pedal, called the WTDI, which has some nice low end. The Kemper seems to remove some, but it’s still a useful starting point. I modelled a few basses.
-David Eden wtdi fender (for a fender precision with emg’s)
-David Eden wtdi fender b (alternate profile )
-David Eden wtdi cln ernie ball (for an ernie ball 5 string )
-David Eden wtdi cln b ernie ball (alternate profile )
-David Eden wtdi frtls (for a bass fender fretless with stock passive pickups)
-ErnieBass x73i 1 (a profile running through a Vintech X73i preamp pinned for ernie ball 5 strg bass, it’s ok)
-JTM50 chn 2 vol 8 mxr5 (from my very first attempt at profiling, with somewhat ok results, this profile has the old 1966 cab, and a brighter sound that breaks up in a weird way, maybe a bit reminiscent of early AC/DC kinda, sorta …)
-JTM50-70’s cab chn 2 d alt mids ( this profile has an alternate mid sound, almost like there’s a wah, but there isn’t. The gain meter is wrong because it has more gain then it would indicate as there is an overdrive pedal on. Reminds me of early Black Sabbath territory, but dialled back a bit)
-1959RR ch2 vol6 boost (maybe my favourite profiling session. I ended up dialing in the gain much higher after profiling, as some users were favouring doing that, so even though the amp was profiled at medium gain, it does a good job at higher gain, something I’ve learned is a good trick to remember. Anyway, this is a re-issue Randy Rhoads 1959 marshall JMP 100 w with a power soak and it’s fun)
1959RR ch2 vol6 boost 2 (brighter version, maybe I like better)
You can find these all by searching my name-
David G Burns