I just acquired a Genz Benz El Diablo 60/30 combo. This is my second Benz Benz. Built like a tank and almost as heavy as one. Two channel, one clean and one high gain. The amp has active EQ on both channels, a vintage/modern switch, a compression/boost switch, a tube contour control and a global attack switch. it also has reverb on both channels and an overall master. I have the Black Pearl from Benz and this is a totally different thing. The clean channel is very nice and it can be dialed up a bit for a slight crunch. The high gain channel is very Mesa like in most respects. But with all the controls, it has a lot of sounds. At lower gain settings is has a Fender sound to me and then it switches to Mesa Recti sound as the gain goes up. Not many Marshall sounds to my ears, but with the active EQ, this thing has a ton of sounds. I also added in a few new Marshall SLX profiles that are a bit on the dark side.
I’m also working on a set of Zeppelin profiles. I’ve got couple and when I get a few more done, I’ll put them up here. They will be from what ever amp I can find that gets close to the tone. I’m also going to try and use the correct guitar on these, some Tele, Some LP, etc. In the process I’m learning a few more Zep tunes!
These will be under Hays on the exchange.