Here is a free profile for you guys “The Slammer”, from the “soon to be released” Dual Recto pack. Mesa Boogie Dual Recto, channel 2, Modern mode with Horizon Devices Precision Drive in front of it. Mesa Boogie OS Rectifier box with two sm57 microphones. First part is the default profile, second part is the profile with added mids, delay and reverb. Third part is lowered gain (around 5) for crunchier sounds and the last part is lowered gain with effects.
Hear it here:
Note about Precision Drive: I know some of the guys tried profiling with it, and had problems with gate on the pedal. I had problems too, had to turn the gate all the way off and still got the message from the Profiler “noise gate detected, noise gate in the chain should be avoided” etc. However, when i tested the profiles against reference amp the sound was spot on, like always – 95 to 98 percent the same… So i just ignored noise gate messages in the profiling process and it turned out to be awesome set of profiles. So the conclusion was that noise gate messages (in this case) were more of a recommendation, not a limitation.
Feel free to download and test the profile, would like to hear some feedback, as always, good or bad!