Hi folks!
I took the chance to get some profiles from a Friedman Runt 20 I had for some days in my studio.
Most of the profiles were made with two cabs, a vintage Marshall 4×12″ from 1969 with Greenbacks (at least I think so….) with a Heil PR40 mic and a Bogner 2×12″ with open back and Greenbacks (I´m sure ) with a Superlux mic paired with a SM58 without the grill. Additionaly I mixed in a cheapo Lollipop ribbon room mic.
For the two “Metal” profiles I used my Diezel 4×12″ frontloaded V30 cab with two SM57s fredman style. One profile has the Fortin 33 booster involved.
Get it here: RUNT 20