I won the lottery and I’m a rich bastard, so I don’t need to sell profiles anymore to make my living
My profiles store does not longer exist and I’m glad to share all the packs with you.
Sorry for those who paid for them. I love you.
* All profiles are Engl Pro V30 Cab
Savage 60 & 120 profilesENGL METAL PACK
Metal oriented. Savage 120, Savage 60, SE, Blackmore, E530. Some preamp profiles included! (for tube poweramp+cab)SAVAGE METAL PACK
Metal oriented Savage 120 complete profiles. 2 mics. 3 mic position, various settingsENGL BLACKMORE
All channels. 3 mic positions.
EVH 5150 III 100W
All channels. Different settings and mic positionsRIG EXCHANGE FREE PROFILES COLLECTION
All the profiles I uploaded to the Rig Exchange in one Zip
Thats all folks!
Enjoy it!